Fascia boards

Attention to detail is the mark of a quality product. Angel Plastics use only BBA certificated fascias that are are extruded slowly, creating a denser, heavier board that retains its shape for the longer term and forms neat, sharp 90 deg angles at all edges. And if that wasn't enough, the upvc stabiliser used is lead-free, which is good for the environment too.

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Upvc Fascias and Upvc Cladding


Angel Plastics have become known throughout the UK for our range of Buy Online upvc cladding, upvc fascias, soffits, cladding and fascias. All of these products are manufactured from high density maintenance free upvc. All of our products are guaranteed for a standard 10 years as per manufacturers warranty.

All facias should be fixed with polytop polypins which are available in all colours to match the upvc roofline products supplied by Angel Plastics.

Capping, cappit or cover fascia boards are designed for fitting directly onto existing gutter boards.…