Imitation Cast Iron Guttering & Pipes

Imitation Replica cast iron guttering has become very popular in recent years and Angel Plastics have been very much involved in the development and marketing of this fashionable yet affordable product for architects and end users respectively.

The products have been featured in various TV programmes of which we have been part of and if you check out our Facebook page you will see that it has been used in some recent films including the 007 film 'Skyfall'

Angel Plastics are proud to be associated with the the imitation cast iron gutter system that provides a very high quality rainwater system replicating that of cast iron but without the inhibitive cost of materials and installation.

Available in three versions, 106mm cast iron ogee profiled 112mm half round cast iron and, for those larger or steeper roof areas, 115mm deepflow, these cast iron gutters are complimented by a range of pipe and fittings, as well as numerous hopper heads moulded to traditonal ogee, bath and gothic designs. The use of uv stabilised plastic materials ensure that…